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Fluke 9010

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Fluke 9010A no RS232 option e-mail for price and availability
Fluke 9005A with RS232 option $475 including US Shipping
Fluke 9010A with RS232 option $650 including US Shipping
Data acquisition and injection probe  call for price and availability
Asynchronous input module $209

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tape drives in these units are not tested and are most often defective.  Replacement parts are no longer available for the drives, as the OEM manufacturer sold off their inventory, and Fluke no longer supports them.  Used tested drives are sometimes available to me from a Canadian source, but the last one I bought was $339 plus shipping.

The Fluke 9010A Board Tester & Troubleshooter is designed to troubleshoot and test microprocessor based systems with test routines for locating faults related to the microprocessor bus (RAM, ROM, I/O).  The unit is a self-contained programmable device that lets you develop your own customized programs. It can use prerecorded cassettes or be programmed from a PC. Operation from the keyboard without programming is easy, and the control buttons are clearly and understandably marked. It also includes a LEARN algorithm that will generate a memory map form a known good board. The unit supports a large list of older and newer microprocessors, such as Z80, 1802, 6502, 6800, 6802, 6808, 6809, 68000, 8080, 8085, 8086, 8088, 80186, 80286, 8048, 8051, 9900, Z80A, and many others.

     This is only a partial list of my inventory; it changes quite often.  Please call me for any item you do not see listed here.  Keep your eyes on this page for additions and deletions. 


All my equipment passes self test and is in good physical condition.  This equipment has no warranty other than it will pass self test on receipt by buyer.  I will exchange or refund the price of the item, at my discretion, as long as I am notified within 72 hours of receipt that the item did not pass self test.  Shipping is not refundable and the buyer is responsible for paying for insured return shipping of  a defective item. 

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