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These empty refillable paint pen marker barrels are manufactured by Pilot Pen.  They are light weight aluminum and ideal for all types of auto paint, furniture stains and touchup inks, and many other craft and industrial paints and liquids.

They are also ideal for crafters and artists who want a make-my-own paint pen.

What a perfect way to use that last bit of paint left in the can after spraying a car or body part.  Just fill the marker barrel with the remaining paint (will hold about 15cc) and let the customer have it with the assurance that the color will be an EXACT match for the new paint on his car.

They are brand new, still in their original cases from Pilot (each type part is boxed separately in master cartons and they do require assembly after filling).

I obtained them as part of a liquidation of a specialty products manufacturer.  They were intended to be filled with a nail polish remover.

The depression of the nib presses down on a spring loaded valve in the marker, allowing fluid to flow into the nib.  Releasing the nib allows the valve to shut and stop the flow of fluid.   You may find that your application requires different nibs; there are several manufacturers of nibs in the US that will have the proper nibs for your use.  The ones in this lot came from Spartan Felt.

The parts are palleted, and have been stored indoors at all times, in heated warehousing.

These are ideal for touch up paint, furniture stain, automotive paint, cosmetics of the proper viscosity, or any other fluid that needs to be dispensed neatly and precisely in a way that preserves the balance of the fluid and protects it from spillage and evaporation.

I have complete assembly, filling and labeling facilities for this marker should that be of interest to you.  The barrels can be easily labeled with automated or manual process, and they can also be screen printed.  Blister packaging materials and service for this barrel are also available; just drop me a line at

Nib HolderPilot40001719x13x9XN-SCPB-ANK-W
NibSpartan Felt10000812x10x8053-SM11



Barrel length                        4.35 inches

Marker length uncapped     5.00 inches

Marker length with cap        5.80 inches

Barrel O.D.                             .60 inches

Nib diameter                         .175 inches

Nib length                             1.00 inches